Are the classroom courses NCAA Approved?

Yes, in partnership with K-12 Private Academy. All high school course offerings are NCAA approved.

Are you Accredited?

All academics and educational operations at Bo Porter Academy are in partnership with K-12 Private Academy; this includes all transcripts and official records for students. K-12 Private Academy is accredited by Cognia (formerly Advanc-Ed Southern Association of Colleges and School), the world’s largest education improvement organization. Cognia’s accreditation process examines K-12 Private Academy’s policies, programs, practices, learning conditions, and cultural context to determine how well K-12 Private Academy carries out their vision and meets the needs of each learner for improved educational outcomes every school year.

Can a student enter BPA at any time?

Yes, a student can enter academically at any time. We have a rolling admission policy at BPA.

Do you offer Dual Credit Classes?

Yes, through our partnership with K-12 Private Academy, students at Bo Porter Academy have access to dual credit classes. Students also have the ability to graduate high school with as much as 60 college credits.

Does BPA adhere to a typical academic calendar?

School starts mid-August each year and ends no later than the first week in June. Our students take their Spring Break the second week in March of each academic school year.

Does BPA offer elective courses?

Yes, we strongly believe students should not be limited in their choices. We offer a variety of electives which include engineering courses, fine arts courses, coding courses, robotics courses, career and technical courses in addition to the core Math, Science, English, History and Foreign Language courses.